A festival can expand the heart and intensify the senses. It connects us with shared experiences and allows us to stay completely in the moment. Play takes us beyond the familiar and beyond our limits. With imagination and courage, we can enter unknown territory and thereby find a path to ourselves.

It’s with these thoughts that I should like to offer you a heartfelt welcome to this preview of the 2023 Salzburg Easter Festival! Several decades ago, Herbert von Karajan chose Eastertime to set up his new festival. It is a time of new beginnings, when the world blossoms and changes. This season of the year naturally continues to define our programme. But above all, we are defined by a sense of change. Change means asking critical questions about the great works of music and of theatre, again and again. Performing artists are not museum keepers of the past, but explorers and seekers through stories and histories. They endeavour to break open what is familiar and bring it into the present, thereby offering us new food for thought.

Easter 2023 is to be such a new departure. Together with you, we want to continue our traditions while at the same time searching for new realms of what is special. At the centre of all this will be Tannhäuser – a figure who is at once seeking, lost and seduced: a man on a path to himself. The world of Richard Wagner, the most radical innovator in music history, is both a starting point and a laboratory. We shall be exploring his extraordinary view of the world in opera, in concerts, in dance and even in electronic music.

It is in this spirit of change that we shall be inviting a different, renowned conductor and his orchestra to perform in Salzburg every year from 2023 onwards. I am extraordinarily pleased that we will be setting out on this new path next year with Gewandhauskapellmeister Andris Nelsons at the helm of the Gewandhaus Orchestra Leipzig – the oldest public symphony orchestra in the world, and one of the most remarkable orchestras of our time. And all this will be happening in the unique festival city of Salzburg – a city that offers much more than just a wonderful backdrop. It is a city that for over 100 years has been a source of artistic energy for repeated endeavours to give vivid expression to humanity and to what moves us.

»River and stream are now free of ice«, says Faust on his famous Easter morning walk. And it is with such a springtime outlook that we here invite you to come to spend a few days in Salzburg, to open your heart and take delight in music, song and dance, and to follow Goethe’s Eastertime musings: »Here I am human, here it’s allowed!«

NIKOLAUS BACHLER Intendant of the Salzburg Easter Festival


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