Dance and Electro in a Double Pack

A dance world premiere at 6pm, an electro project at 10pm - 6 April is the perfect evening to discover our very special projects »Träume« (»Dreams«) and »Westbam meets Wagner«. Available now at a package price.

In our Special Offer package, both performances cost EUR 85 (instead of EUR 110).

Available now from the ticket office at Herbert-von-Karajan-Platz 11, by telephone on +43 662 80 45-361 oder by E-mail to

© Julia Gat

»Träume« - A Dance Creation Based on Wagner's »Wesendonck Lieder«

With »Träume«, the first-ever time, dance will feature at the Easter Festival – in the archaic setting of the Felsenreitschule. The French/Israeli choreographer Emanuel Gat will present a work for 14 dancers that is inspired by Richard Wagner’s »Wesendonck Lieder«. Gat will combine the five famous poems with excerpts from Wagner’s essay »Art and Revolution« [»Die Kunst und die Revolution«].

» ›Träume‹ is a choreographic work that engages with different facets of Wagner’s oeuvre. In the first act, excerpts from his revolutionary essay will be juxtaposed with the poems by Mathilde Wesendonck in order to create a kind of textual score in a dialogue between the sexes; it is followed by a second act that unfolds to the music of the five songs«, says Emanuel Gat. This world premiere will be danced by members of the Emanuel Gat Dance Company.

Westbam and musicians from the Mendelssohn-Orchesterakademie of the Gewandhaus Orchestra during rehearsals for »Westbam meets Wagner« in september 2022 in Leipzig. © Tom Thiele

Richard Wagner's Masterpieces Meet Electronic Beats

Westbam, one of the most significant electronic artists of our time, will here engage with masterpieces by Richard Wagner to develop a symbiosis of beats and Wagner’s greatest works. »Westbam meets Wagner« an experiment to mark the beginning of a dialogue with electronic music at the Salzburg Easter Festival.

Westbam is considered a revolutionary of electronic music – his performances at the Berlin Love Parades are legendary – and he is the only musician in his genre to have enjoyed number-one hits as an artist, producer and label owner. In »Westbam meets Wagner« he will unite his passion for both classical and electronic music: »I’m interested in the futuristic Wagner, the man who conceived the artwork of the future, the detonating steam pile driver at the entrance to the storm of steel«, says Westbam. Together with the members of the Mendelssohn Orchestra Academy of the Gewandhaus Orchestra, conducted by Oscar Jockel, Westbam will present his view of Wagner at the Felsenreitschule.